Castle Zaman

Castle Zaman on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

Zaman Castle, a breathtaking castle on the Red Sea Riviera, is located on the Sinai Peninsula between the cities of Taba and Nuweiba in Egypt. This luxurious vacation home offers panoramic sea views, private beach, swimming pool, and easy airport access. The castle offers a mountainous view of four countries: Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The exact site signifies a landmark on the ancient road connecting St. Catherine’s Monastery with Jerusalem.

Castle Zaman

Castle Zaman attractions

Traditional food based on ancient Egyptian recipes are just one part of enjoying this replica of an ancient castle. Zaman’s true beauty lies within its unique and deliberate architectural structure, which allows for the visitor to be transported into an ancient time, while simultaneously enjoying all of the benefits of a glamorous modern vacation rental. If you like mystery there is even a ‘secret’ underground treasure room that you can explore. If you visit on special days you can experience an ancient ‘magic’ trick to light up the underground room.

Though there are a couple warnings potential vacationers should be aware of. The castle is not child-friendly and high heels are not recommended.

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