“Mibu Machiya is located in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. If you are planning to go all over Kyoto, this house could be a very convenient and perfect base for your stay in Kyoto. All the major sightseeing spots are reachable within 5-15 minutes by walking or using public transportations. Also the house is just one street off of the biggest street in Kyoto shijyo-dori so restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, drug stores, grocery store, post office, ATMs, train/bus stations etc can be found within a short walking distance. The house is completely renovated recently for our guests to be able to enjoy a very traditional atmosphere with all of the modern comforts of home. The house is very large for Machiya townhouse and has a detached tea ceremony room and beautiful garden. Also, the house has a full kitchen so that you don’t need to eat out everyday, and maybe try to cook Japanese food! There are two bedrooms, flooring room with beds and Japanese style tatami room with futons.” [Kyoto Vacation Rental.]

Japan is full of interesting places to visit and has a rich history. Kyoto is one of Japan’s major cites, and it has previously been the country’s capital. The Kyoto Imperial Palace is a must see when visiting the city. There are other historical buildings of interest in or near the city, like Nijo-jo Castle. There are sure to be many beautiful shrines and temples (usually) dedicated to the ancient Shinto religion or some form of Buddhism that you can visit. When many people think of Japan, samurai, ninjas, or some form of martial arts usually comes to mind. If you are interested in any of those warfare topics, or any other part of Japanese history, then visit one of the city’s museums to learn Japan’s unique history. This vacation rental is not far from the Kyoto International Manga Museum for those of you interested in art and Japanese style ‘comics.’ Because of Japan’s volcanic presence there are many onsen (hot springs) throughout Japan that you can schedule a visit with. Do your own research to find out what specifically will interest you during a stay in Japan. Mibu Machiya will be the entryway into your exploration of Kyoto!

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